Social Media Strategy

Business Social Media Strategy

Is your costly advertising ignored?

Want to connect with customers in their domain?
Web Success can show you how to use Social Media to access a growing market place.

"The easiest place to sell to someone is where they are..."

People are spending more time on Social Media websites at all times of the day and night.

In March 2010 Facebook finally overtook Google to be the most visited website on the internet and Facebook users, your customers, logged in for an average of 55 minutes every day.

Watch the video here:

What are Social Media?

Social Media are websites and web technologies that allow people to build networks and communicate with each other.

Facebook social media icon LinkedIn social media icon Myspace social media icon
Social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace.
You create a profile and build networks of contacts to share messages.

Twitter social media icon
Micro-blogging sites like Twitter.
You broadcast short messages limited to 140 characters.

Blog icon           
Your online column that others can reply to and discuss.

Youtube Flickr icon  
Video and photo sharing sites like YouTube or Flickr.
You post videos and images, and others comment.

Delicious icon Stumble upon social media icon
Social book-marking sites like delicious and Stumble Upon.
You share sites of interest and rate online content.

People buy from people and businesses they know, like and trust

Broadcast Social Media iconBroadcast

Tell people about new products, services, sales, specials, changes of location..

Listen Social Media iconListen

Listen for feedback about your products or services and about your competitors. What are they doing well or badly in customers' eyes.

Converse Social Media iconConverse

Engage in one-on-one conversations, build your network and community.

Get closer to your customers

Participating in Social Media is FREE - it costs nothing except for your time and Web Success can show you how to minimise that time.

Sorting out the Social Media maze

Given the myriad platforms how do you know which ones to use and what for? That's where we come in.

We'll examine your objectives, your business, your available time and critically, how do your customers use Social Media.

We'll provide you with:

  • a strategy documenting the optimal way to use Social Media to further your objectives
  • an operational plan
  • targeted accounts
  • an easy to follow messaging schedule.

The plan will also provide general advice on content.

Got enough on your hands without tweeting and updating Facebook?

Save yourself the time and stress - let us manage your Social Media. We provide a complete Social Media management service.

We'll meet with you regularly to discuss the hot messages and we'll do the rest. We'll do what we're good at and you carry on doing what you're good at.

Contact Web Success today and let's talk about your Social Media strategy.