Email Signatures

Are you wasting free advertising space every time you send an email?

Email signatures are the best free advertising available on the Internet and a very powerful web marketing tool. Your web marketing strategy will benefit from this quick trick.

Web marketing email signature example

What is an email signature?

An email signature is like a virtual business card at the bottom of your emails.

Web Success can produce a catchy email signature for your business and personalise it for each of your staff.

What will be in your email signature?

About six lines containing your:

  • name
  • company name
  • website address (linked)
  • social network profiles (linked)
  • phone number.
  • email (or autoresponder) address
  • short message advertising something timely - a workshop, a special, an offer, new product/service...

Your newsletter, website, social media marketing and of course sales will all benefit from a pointer in your email signature.

How much will it cost?

Web Success will produce your email signature for $60 plus GST

How many emails do you and your staff send every year?


Your email signature will get plenty of exposure and it's a no-brainer to not let this space go to waste.

Contact Web Success today.