Mobility Parking

The mobility parking permit scheme makes getting around a bit easier for over 100,000 New Zealanders.

The Challenge

Initially the Mobility Parking material was to be incorporated into the parent CCS Disability Action website. It needed to be fully accessible and easy to use as a high proportion of users have a disability which could affect access. The website needed to clearly impart all relevant information to users so as to reduce time demands on staff. Users needed to be able to easily apply for a permit online and access Mobility Parking newsletters.

The Solution

Web Success persuaded CCS Disability Action to create a separate website for Mobility Parking so it could have its own web presence as users did not want to navigate a larger website to locate the Mobility Parking material. The website underwent user testing by AccEase to ensure it was fully accessible by disabled users.

The Result

A clean, accessible website that is easy to navigate and simple to use. The client has received positive feedback from users and especially staff who were initially unsure of a seperate web presence for Mobility Parking.