Creating Customers

 Creating Customers
Web site for a marketing consultant. A smart, compact yet comprehensive view of what he offers and how he works.
Creating Customers Website.

What the customer said

"Here is a webmaster who realises that technical know-how is no more than just that. The website is a communication tool and no matter how technically wonderful it is if it fails to communicate, it fails. Mike understands that, has a grasp of marketing and thinks in terms of the technology supporting the message – not the other way around.

We collaborate with ease and enjoyment on my part. Mike provides intelligent and valuable advice. He is open to my requirements and input. The cost of his work is very reasonable."

Paul Williams, Marketing Consultant

The Challenge

To allow Paul's prospective customers to get an idea of his approach and how he works.

Show the results he has achieved, that demonstrate his effectiveness.

Develop a site that Paul, a self-confessed non-techie, can update himself.

The Solution

The site was developed as a collaboration between Paul, a design company (Station Creative) and Web Success. Paul created the content and overall design idea and the graphic design was supplied by Station Creative. Web Success then built the site using a content management system that allows Paul to update articles and images through his browser.

Provide a succinct site that touches on the methods Paul uses and shows off examples of his work. The excellent testimonials that Paul has received from his clients are used in short and long form to reinforce credibility and trust.

The Result

A smart, compact yet comprehensive view of what Paul offers and how he works.