Quake Bake
Drink coffee? Quakebake is an online shop offering the tasty nibbles that accompany great coffee.
Quake Bake Website.


What the customer said

"Being a novice to e-commerce, I naturally was very reluctant to accept a service from a completely unknown company via internet + email. I was totally unsure of the outcome.

After using the services of Web Success, I have to say it was the right decision and I'm confident in recommending Web Success to other people and businesses.

A specific result? Well, I was looking into getting a website more in a brochure form with an order form attached, but ended up having a far superior website with a complete e-shop."

Robert Haas, artisan baker, Quakebake

The Challenge

Build a site that shows off the small, but select, range of products that artisan baker Robert Haas produces in his Quakebake business.

Provide a site that Robert can manage by himself easily.

From an initial discussion (via email - we have never met face to face) about the site having an order form that would be followed up to complete the sale, we agreed that it would be far more effective to allow customers to complete the sale by credit card immediately.

The Solution

Wiki software has been used to allow Robert to easily maintain the "brochure" section of the site.

The osCommerce open source e-commerce package was customised to fit the Quakebake "look" and some unnecessary functionality and options disabled.

The Result

The brochure site is a simple but effective showcase and the shop is a stable and easy-to-navigate online shop.

The features of osCommerce provide Robert with the control he needs to manage the product range, pricing, customer contact and order fulfilment.

To use Robert's words, the result is "simply wunderbar"!