Bioethics Matters

Deborah Stevens encourages critical thinking as the tool for the next generation to deal with ethical issues.
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What the customer said

I was reluctant as I was not sure that someone who didn’t know me would understand or connect fully with what I was trying to achieve and the services I have to offer.  It was helpful that you had been referred to me by close friends, but this did not overcome my scepticism.

I was very impressed by the thorough way you connected with, and indeed helped me to refine, what my core business was about, via both personal interview and written booklet. My scepticism rapidly disappeared as it became apparent that you understood, and were interested in, bioethicsmatters and what it offers.

Now I have an attractive, easy to use website that I am delighted to refer people to!  Thank you very much for all your ideas re domain names and opportunities for expansion in the future.  As delighted as I am with the website in its current completed state, I feel excited by the potential for growth and expansion that you have thoughtfully built in.

-Deborah Stevens, owner

The Challenge

What is Bioethics? The first job of the site was to explain the problem and Bioethics Matters philosophy and approach to dealing with the highly emotional and complex issues surrounding advances and biotechnology that raise ethical issues.

Deborah Stevens, the owner, maintains an independent stance and encourages her audiences to form their own opinions and to consider the other persons point of view even though they may not agree with it.

The Solution

To ensure that the site maintained that independence and to some extent demonstrated it. The value that Bioethics Matters provides to each of its target audiences is expressed in terms relative to each of those audiences. Where possible, we have tried to incorporate images that bring to life a topic that is abstract.

On the home page we developed a "What do you think?" panel that randomly poses questions and provides answers from both points of view - to clearly demonstrate that there are multiple points of view.

The site also includes a glossary both to provide a useful point of reference to bring in site traffic and also to provide hooks for Google searches on those specialist terms.

The Result

A simple, clean and easy to navigate site that clearly targets each individual audience. Potential customers can see where ahead of time if Deborah is going to be in their vicinity - and book her in.