Healthy Heroes

The Healthy Heroes Programme is part of the Rotary Campaign for Better Health.


Healthy Heroes is a child health and education programme that has been developed by the Wellington North Rotary Club. Children undertake to complete 5 challenges each day for a period of 22 weeks with the intention of developing healthy, active, helpful habits.

The Website Challenge

The challenge was to build a website that appeals to a diverse set of audiences (children, parents, teachers, sponsors, Rotarians) and is definitely child-friendly as they are the major participants in the Healthy Heroes programme.

The Recording Challenge

The program had been using a paper-based system to record each child's progress. With the programme expanding to a wider range of schools and areas in New Zealand a shift to a web-based recording system was required. The system needed to be very easy to use on a daily basis.

The Solution

We worked with a graphic designer (Rachael Tempest from Tempest Web Development) who provided the bright, active look to the site while we focused on setting up the underlying structure and content.

To develop the recording system we met regularly with the Healthy Heroes steering group to establish the requirements and to develop the initial prototype. Rachael then added the graphics to liven up the application.

The Result

The website provides all the relevant information to the diverse groups that are involved in the programme.

The Recording and Reporting System is in daily use by hundreds of children. The administration of the system is much simplified and the administrator is able to manage the various schools effectively.

The system can also provide statistics on just how much broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage the children have been eating.