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The New Zealand Search and Rescue Council provides strategic leadership to the New Zealand Search and Rescue Sector.
NZSAR Web Success web design portfolio

Dear Mike,

I would like to thank you and your team for the excellent job you have done in redesigning and publishing the website.  We are very pleased with the end result and our stakeholders are finding it is both easier to use and more useful to them than the previous site.

We had needed to update our website for some time but were unsure about how to start the process and define our needs.  The procedure you used to get us to describe our requirements and understand the opportunities (and limitations) of websites was easy to comprehend and made a big contribution to the final product.

We were also very pleased with the level of interaction and support that you and your team provided us throughout the design and build process.  Your flexibility and suggestions allowed for the development of a much better site than we originally envisaged.  We have also been impressed by the speed and effectiveness of the ongoing support you continue to provide.

The redesigned site has resulted in a tripling of unique visitors to our website as well as a number of complimentary remarks about its appearance, layout and ease of use as well as its easy-to-use navigation system.

I would be very pleased to act as a reference for Web Success should you need it in the future.


Duncan Ferner

Secretariat Manager
New Zealand Search and Rescue

The Challenge

The challenge was to revamp an existing, aging website to make it useful to the NZSAR Council, the Consultative Committee and NZSAR sector in general. Also to engage public interest and allow them to access pertinent information.

The Solution

We worked closely with the client, their Communications Advisor and Graphic Design agency to understand user tasks and functions. Using the Joomla Content Management System, we provided low cost, high utility modules and components.

The Result

Daily visitor numbers increased three-fold.  The site became a useful communication tool and a touchstone for the organisation.