Wakefield & Scott - Hutt Valley Panelbeaters

Wakefield & Scott - Panelbeaters & Spraypainters

Wakefield & Scott have been Lower Hutt's trusted Panelbeaters and Spraypainters since 1980.

The Challenge

To a develop a website to increase revenue and sales by attracting new customers and referrals to Wakefield & Scott. It was important to under-score their credibility as these guys have been around a long time in an industry which is fluid with fly-by-nighters. Insurance work is a major component of their business. Largely Wakefield & Scott customers are segmented into private individuals, trades people and fleet managers.

A secondary objective was to inform the audience to cut down on phone traffic.

The Solution

The site was segmented and developed to direct specific audiences to pages they would be most likely to access. Rich information was included to underscore the knowledge and experience within the company. A customer portal was placed on the homepage labelled 'Insurance' which lead to a page addressing the most common questions and reassuring customers that Wakefield & Scott deal with insurance claims, all they need do is drop off their damaged vehicle and pick it up.

The Result

A smart, fulsome website that has drawn positive comment and more focused enquiries.