Art Auction 2005 - Island Bay School

How do you raise money for a school? You have an art auction - great art, music, food and a web site to browse what's on offer.
Island Bay School.

What the customer said

"The success of the night was the result of a huge team effort, with many people and organisations making a contribution. We are particularly grateful for your work on the website, without which we would have struggled. It was great to be able to direct people to a fantastic looking website for a preview of the art. The layout and links worked particularly well."

- Jeannette Troon, organiser

The Challenge

Present an easy-to-use gallery of the works that will be available for auction. Provide general information about the event to entice people to attend and generally express both the fund raising intent and the social and fun component of the event.

The Solution

The flyer prepared by Karin Amdahl had a great open look and excellent re-interpretation of the school logo. Karin produced the graphic that became the header for the site.

The artists' details and art works' details were entered into a content management system which allowed the site to be easily re-generated as new works arrived.

The rest was pretty simple - in fact, the whole approach was to "keep it simple".

The Result

The site had a high number of visits prior to the auction and allowed buyers to preview the works well before the event itself.

The proceeds of the auction, and related takings, raised around $11,000 for the school. It was a highly successful fund raiser.