Document One

Document ONE™ is the smartest, most comprehensive document management system available today for Lotus Notes/Domino users.


Reliance Software is a software house that provides services to clients that use the Lotus Domino/Notes suite of groupware and workflow software tools. Reliance also has developed two packages based on Notes/Domino; an accounts payable workflow package and Document ONE™, which is a document and records management system.

Kathy Tremain, the CEO of Reliance Software, had engaged a web designer to set up the site and chosen a leading-edge locally developed content management system to publish the content.

The Challenge

Ensure that the most relevant information for the potential customer was the most accessible and that less relevant information was available but didn't get in the way of the key messages.

The Solution

We sat down and went through the original design and menu hierarchy and redesigned it to ensure that the overall structure was optimal. Then we went into each page, and clarified the objective of that page and how that objective would be best fulfilled.

Finally, we looked at the formatting and presentation and made some tweaks to enhance readability and increase the range of visual contrast on the site.

Overall, the biggest change was to shift the site from telling "all about the product" to understanding the customer and answering their questions - being "customer-centred".

The Result

Positive feedback from Kathy's customers:
- "Very professional. Well structured, sufficiently flashy."
- "I like it, the site is great to navigate and is easy on the eye"
- "I was most impressed, with the whole thing"