Entirely Sound

Kahra Scott-James designs and creates sound for films, animators, games and agencies.

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What the customer said

"As a startup company I needed web presence on a limited budget and was directed to Mike by word of mouth. Given the wide range of cost for web site creation I was unsure as to what I would get for the budget I had available.

The site came together quickly and with more functionality than I expected. Mike also requested a business plan to help him understand Entirely Sound and made suggestions regarding the company's on-line profile. Having someone thinking objectively about your business is extremely useful when getting a website up and running.

Entirely Sound is a boutique sound-for-picture company so I wanted to incorporate short quicktime clips. I thought I might be pushing my luck a little but Mike was very open and keen to get this happening. Sound & motion picture are more engaging than just text & still image and as this is the nature of my business I felt it was important to see/hear something without the problem of lengthy downloads.

My business card has my web address so now potential clients can see/hear work examples, read testimonials and check out my background. It means anyone with access to a computer can find me and call/email with any queries they may have about audio.

As an engineer you want to invest most heavily in equipment and facilities, you want to deliver a great service not throw money at ineffectual advertising. The internet is the most cost effective marketing tool there is and now I have a site that reflects Entirely Sound and I can edit, update and expand it as the company develops."

- Kahra Scott-James, owner

Site Refresh

Kahra was looking for a more open, cleaner look. We restyled the site. The original site used external style sheets so it was relatively simple to update the look.

The Challenge

Demonstrate to the target markets of film makers, animators and agencies what Kahra Scott-James of Entirely Sound can provide.

Writing about "sound design" will not be enough to convince the prospects, they want to see and more importantly "hear" what Kahra does.

Provide a site that Kahra can update and manage herself as she completes projects and extends the range of sound-related services that she provides.

The Solution

Build a simple site based on Wiki software. This keeps hosting costs to a minimum yet provides all the features required for the Entirely Sound site.

Customise the Wiki software to allow Quicktime movies to be easily embedded into the pages.

Kahra's customers typically have broadband connections and use Apple computers, so the site has been built with that technology in mind.

The Result

A site that Kahra manages and keeps up-to-date herself. The site is not large but sufficiently covers the offerings to her target markets.

The Quicktime clips and sounds on the pages provide short but good examples of the range of work she has produced.