Brittons House Movers

The Brittons family business has been buying, selling and moving buildings since 1957.

The Challenge

Brittons House Movers, a well-known and long-standing house moving business, required an upgrade to their existing website so that it would:

be consistent throughout
be easy to load new listings
provide an easy browsing and enquiry facility for listings
reflect Brittons position as market leader
enhance the brand
tell a little of "the Brittons story"
provide information on house moving

The Solution

Working closely with Ralph Earle at Brittons, we developed a website focused on the target audience of first-time and regular relocatable house buyers.

The classic Brittons' logo became the central focus for the site and provided all  of the colours for the palette.

Brittons logo

One of Brittons' key differentiators has been its length of operation, so a small change to include "Established 1957" in the logo was suggested and done. The map on the home page was included to further reinforce Brittons' coverage of the lower North Island.

A content management system was used to set up the site and it is now fully managed by Brittons without requiring outside help or intervention.

The Result

Within the first month of exposure of the redesigned site, the daily visits count rose significantly. Within three months it had doubled and has been growing slowly but steadily since.

Graph: Daily Visits per Month March 03 to March 05