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In Gear Global.
In Gear Global works to contribute to successful biosecurity, conservation, biodiversity, environmental and trade outcomes for all stakeholders.
In Gear Global.

What the customer said

Mike came highly recommended so I felt pretty confident that he'd understand what I wanted and be able to deliver it.

Before we got started on the site, Mike made sure he knew all about In Gear Global and what we're planning to do.

The Web Success process for site development was comprehensive. Each page was crafted with a particular purpose in mind and that made it easier to provide relevant content. Mike ruthlessly edited the content to not only convey the information I'd supplied but to cut out the fat and subtly persuade the reader that we're the right people to do business with.

We got off to a flying start with a newsletter that Mike had set up and have received excellent feedback from the team members and clients. We've had a number of comments that the site stands out from those found in our business area - and that has been really pleasing.

- Ian Gear, Chief Executive

The Challenge

To build a website for a new speciality consultancy area to highlight how it differentiates strongly from other consultants in that field and to communicate successfully to all the highly segmented audiences with very different needs and concerns: government, business, and science.

The Solution

In creating the site we leveraged off the existing logo and branding design. We also made great use of the client's huge resource of photographic images. This made a big difference in the look and feel of the site, taking it away from a potentially boring text-dominated format.

We made sure to address each of the three audience sectors. This was critical as they are so divergent.

Upon launch an introduction newsletter was sent out, directing traffic to the new site.

The Result

A website that communicates a broad range of speciality services to diverse sets of stakeholders. The site provides a volume and level of content significantly higher than most in its class.