BRANDMARQUE provide branded and promotional products to New Zealand

The Challenge

To create a website that would ensure BRANDMARQUE was differentiated from the competition in a competitive market. To communicate the company's commitment to a high level of service and to focus on BRANDMARQUE's consultative services and advice. 
To impart the message that they are not just a commodity provider but are skilled at selecting the most effective product for the purpose.  
The website also needed to allow specific client organisations to place orders from their own product list so BRANDMARQUE could action speedy dispatch and delivery.

The Solution

Web Success interviewed the client to help BRANDMARQUE identify the company's key points of difference. 
The website designed has a clutter-free homepage and customer-centred navigation which allows users to self-identify and access pages pertinent to their goals.
The content engages first time customers and encourages them to capitalise on BRANDMARQUE's experience and advice rather than just flicking through catalogues.  On the other hand those customers intent on a catalogue search can access this information directly from the home-page.

The Result

An easy to use website which allows BRANDMARQUE to communicate what they can do for each target audience specifically and encourages customers to make contact with a call to action on every page.

BRANDMARQUE's major client organisations can now log-in and access their own product-lists.