Disability Clothesline

The disability clothesline project breaks the silence about abuse of the disabled.


What the customer said

"My key requirement was for a site that would be accessible to people with diverse impairments. Since the Disability Clothesline Project is run by disabled people, it was really important that we do things to the kind of standard we hold non-disabled people to-that is we walk our talk. ItÂ’s always good to hear of someone who can do this, and particularly when it is talked through in a non-technobabble way.

So I found the process of working out just what the website should do was unfamiliar but really useful. The end has fulfilled my expectations. We have a clean clear and attractive site that people enjoy visiting.

Disabled friends and colleagues (with a range of impairments and accessibility requirements) say they find the site is accessible and good. People contact us, and come back later. Our project is well showcased. The result was all we could have hoped for, with no hair-tearing at all."

- Wendi Wicks,  Disability Coalition Against Violence

The Challenge

To create a website that would address a gritty subject appropriately and reveal a previously unaddressed level of abuse of those with disabilities. It was important that the T-shirts decorated by the participants were able to tell their stories. The website was to provide a support structure for the project and outline the background behind the motivation for it.

The site needed a simple layout, it needed to be accessible to those with disabilities and be easy to maintain.  There was a need to motivate those within the disabled community to decorate t-shirts and feel comfortable about participating in the campaign.

The Solution

Web Success suggested that the client not just build a stand-alone website but that the site embrace a wider strategy incorporating Twitter and Facebook.

A simple, functional site was designed which demonstrated that an accessible website doesn't have to be boring and can incorporate images and multimedia. The site included a YouTube video which allowed the client to have a voice.

The Result

A website which generated strong, positive feedback which helped focus media attention on the issue.  The site became the core focal point for the project and motivated the disabled to create poignant and moving t-shirts which strongly conveyed the messages of the campaign.