Website Hosting

What is website hosting?

A web host is a company with computers connected to the internet that store your website.

These servers cost web hosting providers money to set up, configure and maintain so they charge you a monthly or annual fee.

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    Web Success offers low cost web-hosting fees

    It's important to take a long term view of website costs as cumulative hosting fees can mushroom.

    You pay only for what you receive.

    How much does Web Success charge for Web-Hosting?

    Web Success charges you $30 per month for:

    • a stable, reliable web host
    • 25 email addresses based on your domain name
    • Up to 1 Gb of traffic per month (including email traffic)

    Extended hosting packages are available if you expect to exceed these demands.

    Where is our web host located?

    The Web Success web-hosting servers are located in a secure data centre in Auckland and are connected by a high-speed port to the internet backbone. We feel it's important to work with a trusted, New Zealand based, web-hosting service which is reliable 24/7.

    We'll ensure your hosting renewal is always up to date.

    What do we do for you?

    The Web Success team:

    • ensures your low hosting bill does not compromise your website’s reliability
    • sets up and maintains your web-hosting account
    • assists you with any technical difficulties with fast, friendly and knowledgeable support

    Contact Web Success to find out more about cost-effective website hosting.